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When looking for a Bangkok salon, you want to go somewhere where the staff understand exactly what you want and you get the best value for your money, Zahara Hair Salon Bangkok is the best salon in Bangkok to meet you needs.

Traveling in Thailand and Bangkok can be a thrilling, if not nerve-wracking experience. Without a doubt its exciting to explore lands new and lose yourself to the majestic beauty of it all, but try putting yourself in your shoes after 2 months of backpacking. Sure, you’ve managed to learn enough Thai to no longer struggle with ordering food and be presented with something that looks alien to the picture you painted in your head, and after that sly taxi driver overcharged you for a trip back to your hotel (Which unbeknown to you was just a 5 minute drive away, not an hour long tour around Bangkok…), you wised up and started treating taxi’s like a game of chess, but what about your hair? That two week trek you took has left it looking like a porcupine caught in a monsoon, and on some days it feels like you’re in a personal sauna made of hair, so you decide it might be time to visit a Bangkok salon.


Welcome to Zahara… Best Salon in Bangkok

Zahara caters to men and women all around the world each day and they specialize in being able to cater to all hair from all corners of the globe, Zahara knows how to handle your hair properly and after they work their magic it’ll feel like gold! Zahara isn’t like any other salon in Bangkok, with marble floors, elegant chandeliers and gold fairy tale style mirrors its easy to mistake it for a dressing room, with stylists who will ensure that you leave with your dream hair. Zahara also prides itself on its premium location; situated at the heart of Sukumvit 13, one of the best places in Bangkok for eating, shopping, nightlife and entertainment, so you’ll always have somewhere to show off your new look afterwards…

Determined to cater for all, Zahara houses a special room designed especially for Muslim ladies, and their professional all-female staff will ensure that your veil does not affect your treatment and that you get the same breathtaking looking and feeling hair as anybody else using 100% Halal friendly treatments, Zahara always aim to please. As well as offering their signature styling, cutting, manicures and pedicures, Zahara offers clients a range of different treatments that you won’t find in most salon in Bangkok, or in fact anywhere!

Zahara's Private Back Room

Zahara’s Private Back Room

Premium Grade Hair Extensions from Zahara...

Premium Grade Hair Extensions from Zahara…


These include highlights, Balayage and Ombre (Using only the finest hair colours from the Italian range ‘Compagnia Del Colore’), Italian Cold Perms (A new generation of perms that are enriched with Marine Collagen that will give you beachy waves with much less damage), Brazilian Keratin Straightening (With QOD, the original Keratin treatment and the best, has minimum levels of formaldehyde and is made with natural ingredients), and Hair Extensions (Using only the highest quality 100% Virgin Remy hair that can last up to 12 months with proper care and reapplication) unlike any other salon in Bangkok.


With a extraordinary price list, incredible staff and an ideal location, Zahara is the best all-round salon in Bangkok, built from the ground up for people of all ages, genders, ethnicities and hair types, they can make anyone’s wishes come true, no matter what you ask for, so don’t be afraid to ask for your dream hair, Zahara will give it to you…


If you’d like to see some of the best hair salon Bangkok work, you can check out their Instagram page which has an extensive portfolio of work they have done so far and see for yourself what kind of work you can expect from the best Bangkok salon for western style. Just click on the following link to find the hair salon Bangkok.

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