Why you should Visit Koh Samet Thailand

Ko Samet Beach

There are a number of fascinating places to visit in Thailand. Ko Lanta is located on the East coast of Thailand. In this article we will show you what Koh Samet Thailand has to offer and why you may want to visit this fascinating part of Thailand, a place so beautiful that it was immortalised by the poet Sunthorn Thu in his epic poem Phrai Apha Mani.

Koh Samet Thailand is Close to Bangkok

Koh Samet Thailand is popular with residents as a weekend retreat. It is easily accessible from Bangkok via bus. Because it is very near the coast there are a number of boats to take you to various nearby islands.

Koh Samet Weather

One of the biggest benefits of Koh Samet is the climate. It is one of the driest areas in Thailand. Therefore it is very attractive to people who want to enjoy going to the beach but may not necessarily have the budget to visit during peak months in the year. The climate is agreeable enough that many people can enjoy a bit of night fishing with squid being a particular highlight.

Koh Samet Beaches

This inevitably means people are looking for Koh Samet beaches. One particular attraction is Hat Sai Kaeo, also known as Diamond Beach. This is where people can enjoy diving, swimming and windsurfing. At night it is also somewhere people can enjoy a bit of partying, with spectacular fire shows a particular highlight (and there are classes where you can learn fire spinning for yourself if you want to give it a go!)

Ao Wai Beach Koh Samet

For those who want to go somewhere a bit quieter then Ao Wai can give you the peace and seclusion you desire. If your partying has been particularly stressful then you can find a number of people offering massage services by the beach. Alternatively if you want a bit more privacy there are also massage shops by the beach side so you can enjoy it in the shade.

Often when people go traveling they want a souvenir to take back with them. There are a number of distinct crafts that the local people make in Koh Samet Thailand. This includes clothing like sarongs and items made of reeds. One of the most attractive is the crystals made by the Lotus Crystal Factory, a very distinctive souvenir that will help brighten your home.

Ko Samet Hat Saikew

Ko Samet Hat Saikew

Koh Samet Cuisine

Cuisine is often something that attracts people to a country. In Koh Samet this includes fresh and dried seafood, something that is popular throughout Thailand. It is also a great place for people who enjoy fruits such as rambutan and mangosteen.

In short Koh Samet Thailand is a great place to explore. You can go online to find package deals including accommodation and tours or you can talk to a local travel agent for more information. It is also advisable to look online for traveler feedback to learn more about the best places to visit and how to make the most from your stay.

Koh Samet Hotels and Resorts

Whilst the island of Koh Samet is relatively small and there are many beach huts and bungalows there have been recent improvements to the quality of  Hotels Koh Samet Offers. Now the little island of Koh Samet Thailand boasts some very attractive koh Samet Hotels if your in the mood for a little more luxury than the beach Bungalows. You can find a complete list and more information about Koh samet hotels at our hotels page by clicking the link below

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