What to do in Pattaya Thailand

Ko Larn Pattaya

Many people visit Thailand for a number of reasons. It can vary from people wanting to enjoy the celebrations around Christmas and New Year’s Day or backpackers wanting to enjoy the diverse range of experiences that the islands have to offer. If you are wondering what to do in Pattaya Thailand? You will find it is one of the most popular beach resorts in Thailand and is well worth exploring.

So What To Do in Pattaya?

Thailand is well known for its beaches and Pattaya beach itself is somewhere people often congregate to enjoy the sun and the sea. If you want to venture out a little further you can take a speed boat to Ko Larn (also known as Coral Island). As the name suggests it is a fascinating place to visit where you can get a closer view of tropical sea life in its natural habitat.

What to do for Nature in Pattaya?

Some people enjoy visiting Thailand for a quiet and relaxed look at nature. In Pattaya a great place to do this is the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden. This is a great place to see the waterfalls, look at the gorgeous local foliage and learn more about local culture. It is also where you can see the Cultural Extravaganza, an entertaining show that goes on four times a day and offers a wide array of delightful sights, including a show that educates people about Thai history.

What to do for Accomodation in Pattaya?

As a beach resort there are numerous options when it comes to hotels in Pattaya. These include established chains but also smaller guest houses that have been praised in online reviews for their sense of local character. Looking on reviews can help you find the best places to stay and crucially which ones are closest to the beach!

What to do in Pattaya For Entertainment?

Pattaya also offers quirky entertainment you wouldn’t necessarily expect. A lot of people come for the unique cabaret shows in the local area. There are also various fascinating places to visit at night that people often find memorable. However equally it is also somewhere you can visit the Bottle Museum for a truly unique place to visit!

What to do in Pattaya for Shopping?

One thing that Pattaya is famous for is its jewellery. Here you can visit the local factory and learn more about how gemstones such as their brilliant sapphires are made, as well as being able to purchase them in the gift shop. The factory also provides a free cab service so it can also help reduce costs if you are a budget conscious traveler. Ofcourse, Pattaya does have a few street stalls and markets with things on offer, there are also the popular shopping malls like Mikes shopping Mall Pattaya and the newer Central shopping mall, all of which are conveniently situated on Pattaya Beach road.

Restaurant Walking Street Pattaya

Restaurant Walking Street Pattaya

What to do in Pattaya for Food?

People often want to visit Thailand to try the authentic food. Like a lot of other parts of Thailand seafood is a speciality. There are numerous restaurants that offer their take on the local fare. Equally you can also explore Walking Street Food Court or check the various vendors to sample the world famous street food.

In short there is a wealth of opportunities when visiting Pattaya. You can find details of tours and suggested itineraries when looking online. Alternatively you may simply wish to explore for yourself. It is also advisable to check feedback from other travellers to help you get the most from your stay.

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