Things to do in Ko Samui Thailand

Things to do Ko Samui

Ko Samui Thailand’s third largest island. It is a place that is well known for its beaches and this is often what attracts tourists. However this is just one attraction for any visitor who wants to see more of this beautiful island and its neighbouring points of interest and it is worth exploring to enjoy the full range of what Koh Samui has to offer.

Ko Samui Thailand Attractions

The natural world provides many of these attractions. A good example is the local coconut plantation. Visitors can watch as the monkeys collect the coconuts in their natural habitat. You can also get a closer look at nature at the Samui Crocodile Farm and the Butterfly Garden, where as well as looking at crocodiles and butterflies you can also see a wide variety of reptiles and insects.

Ko Samui National Park

28 kilometres away from Ko Samui itself is Anthong National Park. This is a protected area that looks after a wealth of wildlife and sea creatures. Other examples of fascinating natural landmarks include the infamous “Grandmother and Grandfather rocks” on Lamini Beach and you are never far away from a stunning waterfall if you need to cool off.

Ko Samui Temples

Often when people go on holiday to ko samui Thailand they want to see something iconic that is unique to the particular place that they are visited. Often this is a great landmark. In the case of Koh Samui this is the Big Buddha. As the name suggests this is a 12 metre golden statue of Buddha. This impressive sculpture can be seen from several kilometres away. As well as the statue itself you can also explore numerous surrounding shrines.

Ko Samui Resorts and Spa

In recent years Thailand has also gained more of a reputation as a retreat for rest and relaxation. Thai massage has become something of an export that has helped ease pain for people around the world. It therefore makes sense that the country itself would offer the best example of this kind of treatment. With so many luxurt Ko Samui Resort offering Thai massage and spa packages you can be sure to find  a relaxing and healing opportunity during your stay in any Ko Samui resort or Ko Samui Hotel

A Ko Samui Hotel for Beauty Treatments

Most Ko Samui Thailand hotel and resorts offer a wide array of spa treatments and services. Many of the local Ko Samui hotels offer their versions of this kind of treatment. However there are

Koh Samui Pier

Koh Samui Pier

also numerous establishments you can find by looking around the local area. It is often a good idea to get customer feedback and look for online reviews in order to find the best ones for your personal needs. Quality can vary and it is best to look for established centres that provide the best service.

Ko Samui Night Life

Another thing Ko Samui Thailand is famous for is its beach parties. The so called “Full Moon Parties” are particularly popular with backpackers and tourists seeking an authentic beach experience in Thailand. The local area is mostly known as the location for the Danny Boyle film adaptation of The Beach.

As with a lot of  Thailand Ko Samui offers numerous reasons to visit, whether you want to be at one with nature, enjoy authentic Thai food, explore the local nightlife or take in an exotic cabaret show. Look online for more information such as tour packages and customer feedback.

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