Best Scuba Diving Thailand Has to Offer

Scuba Diving Thailand

Thailand is a place of great natural beauty. It is the home of thick forests, mangroves and beautiful flowers. However given that it is a place that is full of islands a lot of the most beautiful sights can be found under the sea. With the best scuba diving in Thailand you can discover all the incredible sea life and nature that diving Thailand has to offer.

It should also be noted that scuba diving in Thailand does not necessarily have to be restricted to experienced swimmers or divers. Given that for a lot of the islands tourism is a vital part of its economy the country has worked hard to ensure that anyone who wants to explore underwater is able to do so. Therefore it is very easy to find a diving school that will help you learn.

As with any type of school it is advisable to look around. Preferably this should be done before you book your Thailand travel package. This will give you more time to look on their websites and find out more about the kind of instruction that they offer. Ideally they should offer classes to suit people with a range of skills and confidence for diving Thailand and its reefs.

Also be aware of the weather during certain times of year, whilst the sun may be shining diving in Thailand is often effected by the sea and visibility. When the sea is choppy, usually during monsoons seasons but these effect different reefs at different times in the year. Always check first on the conditions for diving Thailand and its reefs, presumably before making any advance bookings or payments to dive.

Another thing to be aware of when looking for classes to help with Thailand scuba diving is their level of accreditation. Ideally you want a class that has been recognised by an official local governing body. While this may cost more it is better to be safer and to get the best quality of instruction and safety, especially if you are doing a class with your family.

The best diving in Thailand are to the far North and the far South of the country around the dry season, particularly around the Andaman sea area. During the wetter months in that area the east coast is more appropriate. A particular popular area for this is Koh Tao, an area that is also popular with tourists because it is quite quiet compared to other areas in Thailand.

A reason people often want to do scuba diving in Thailand is what they see underwater. Hin Mouang is the best place if you wish to explore soft coral and

Diving Thailand

Diving in Thailand

see shoals of fish. Hin Daeng is also a great place if you want to see where the fish feed. Some people may be put off their remoteness. If you want to go somewhere a bit closer then Koh Ngai is best. For adventurers the Koh Kraden wreck off the coast of Koh Kraden island is a particularly fascinating Thailand diving spot.

These are just a couple of examples of places to go where you can see natural and man made sights of beauty under the sea. There are a number of websites where you can find out more about scuba diving in Thailand. This includes listings of local diving schools and more reviews of places to explore underwater. Look online to find out more, get feedback and to find travel packages to suit your needs and budget.

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