The Best Phuket Beaches Part 3

Phuket island Thailand

Thailand is a country full of places to visit, islands to explore and entertainment to suit every type of traveller. Phuket is somewhere that is particularly well known, attracting many travellers every year. In this guide to Phuket beaches we will look at the different Phuket beaches to visit and what they have to offer.

Best Beaches in Phuket Thailand

If you are looking for Phuket beaches that are aptly named Emerald Beach (Tri Tra) certainly lives up to the polish and grandeur of its sparkling namesake. It is found near the south of Patong. It is 500 metres long and because it is north facing those looking to get a tan will enjoy a lot of sun for their money!

Fortunately the beach also has a lot of vegetation, mostly along the side where all the restaurants are. This means that if you get tired of topping up your tan or fancying eating a picnic there is somewhere you can stop for a moment. It cannot be emphasised enough that while sunbathing is enjoyable it is important to be safe, especially around midday when the sun is at its hottest.

Often people wonder about where native Thai people go when visiting Phuket beaches. If you want to go somewhere people go in Thailand when they want to relax then it is worth going to nai Harn Beach. The best time to go is from November to May when the water is at its flattest and clearest.

Best Phuket Beaches For Snorkelling

A lot of people come to Thailand for diving and snorkelling. One of the best Phuket beaches for this is Ao Sane Beach. It is one of the smaller and quieter coastlines and therefore perfect for those who want to dive in peace. Another good example of this is Nai Yang beach. The reason for this is that it is the northern part of it is in Sirinath National Park and therefore it is strictly free from any form of development, ideal for people looking for somewhere unspoiled.

If you want somewhere that has the feel of a desert island then you ought to consider Banana Rock beach (also known as Banana Beach). The beach is 180 metres long and has a nice row of trees, allowing for the right amount of shade. One thing to note is that at high tide it can get to the top of the trees. If you stick to the far north or south sides of the beach then you should be alright.

Maya Beach Phuket

Maya Beach Phuket

Best Beaches Phuket Thailand Guide

As this guide to Phuket beaches shows there are some of the best beaches Phuket has to offer are isolated and do not have resorts on them and others that have nearby accommodation. It is very important to check this before booking. You can put together packages online by looking for listings and putting together a package. Alternatively you can talk to your travel agent and arrange an itinerary that is suitable for your requirements. Online forums and customer reviews are also advisable for more travel tips to help you make the most of your trips to Phuket beaches.

 Phuket Beach Resorts

Whilst many of the phuket beaches we mention are secluded you can also find some wonderful beach resorts. So, if your the type who loves to wake up to the sound of crashing waves, sun on your face and a sea breeze for breakfast. We have some wonderful Phuket Beach resort listings for you to look at, see below.

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