Chonburi Thailand and What You Need to Know

Sriracha Tiger and Croc Show

Chonburi is a province of Thailand situated east of the gulf of Thailand. The area originally comprised of a number of small towns such as Mueang Bang Pla Soi, and Mueang Bang Phra before they were eventually unified by King Rama V.

The name Chonburi translates as “City by the water.” It is surrounded by a number of interesting natural sights. The Khao Khiao mountain range can be seen from the southwest to the northeast of the province, while the plains to the north have been used for farming for centuries.

What to do in Chonburi Thailand

Nature provides a lot of the attractions to the area. For people who enjoy the sun a great place to visit is Bang Saen Beach in Chonburi. In 1943 the first holiday resort was established in the area and has been a place for tourists to visit ever since. These are often the places that people go when they want to sit, relax and enjoy the sun. However, there is a rather interesting Tiger and Alligator show at the Sriracha Tiger Zoo.

However if you want something to do between getting a tan there is a lot to explore in Chonburi Thailand. As well as being in the natural environment itself there are a number of interesting zoological attractions. If you are interested in marine wildlife then it is worth visiting the Marine Scientific Institute. For a wider range of wildlife you may want to visit Khao Kheow Open Zoo, home to over 200 different species of wildlife.

Pattaya is also situated in the province of Chonburi, So if you are looking for some night time fun then Pattaya Chonburi is not too far away. Pattaya is well known for its sleazy nightlife but in reality the city has changed a great deal, with beautiful 5 star hotels and resorts and some excellent value fine dining and restaurants and plenty to do, Pattaya Chonburi is certainly worth a visit.

As a tourist there are numerous places to visit in the area, many of them a celebration of Thai culture. Often the most iconic examples are the Buddhist shrines and temples. There are various temples to visit. One example is Wat Thammanimit. This was built in 1941 and is where you can see a beautiful stone Buddha statue with a mosaic pattern. For those interested art you can see some fascinating murals inside the Wat Yai Inthraram.

Thailand’s Chonburi is also a great place for festivals. During the Chonburi Annual Festival in mid April the principle Buddha image Phra Phutthaishing is paraded around the city. Other events such as Songkran Si Maha Racha Festival and Kong Khao Tradition celebrate the history and tradition of the local area. One of the quirkier events is the Chonburi Buffalo Race in which local farmers dress their animals in distinctive costumes, race and exhibit them to the delight of local residents.

Chonburi Province Thailand

Chonburi Province Thailand

For a lot of people one thing that sticks in the memory when visiting a country is the food and Chonburi is memorable in this instance for all the right reasons! One particular speciality is Chaeng Lon, a kind of chargrilled coconut bun. Like a lot of places in Thailand it is also famous for some fantastic seafood, with a number of local restaurants and street food merchants offering both fresh and dried variants of the local delicacy.

In short Chonburi in Thailand offers a wealth of interesting experiences for anyone who wishes to visit the area. Before any visit it is advisable to look online for Chonburi hotels listing and travel packages. It is also advisable to look online for visitor feedback to help find out more about the local area and the best places to go for a range of travelers.

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