The Best Phuket Beaches Part 2

Phuket Beaches

Phuket is one of the most well known areas for beach resorts in Thailand, with a number of great beaches. While people know it as a great place for partying it can also be somewhere quiet and out of the way as well. In simple terms there are Phuket beaches for every kind of traveller.

There are numerous places where you can read reviews of all the Phuket beaches. You can find resorts, guest houses and so forth. Make sure it specifies where it is in relation to the beach. If you are trying to save money then it is recommended that you look for guest houses and hostels that are a bit further away from the beach.

Panawa Beach Phuket

If you are looking for a more tranquil atmosphere then Panwa Beach is worth exploring. It is particularly scenic and many people come for the sights of the south west facing coastline. This is why there are a number of luxury apartments and condominiums with a sea view. If you want a more natural sight there is also a mangrove swamp to explore. Another great place to visit if you want to visit somewhere more relaxed is laem ka Beach. This is one of the smaller ones on Phuket, ideal if you want somewhere a bit further and out of the way.

Rawai Phuket beach

One of the best beaches in Phuket that is less well known is Rawai Beach on the West coast. It is most popular with families and is traditionally the place where people go from Phuket town on a Sunday for family picnics and outings. This is mainly due to the fact the trees allow for more shade, making it a pleasant Phuket Beach to sit and eat.

Chalong Bay Phuket Beaches

There are also a number of other attractions available. For example if you want somewhere with iconic buildings and sculptures then Chalong Bay is one of the best Phuket beaches for this. It is the home of the Big Buddha and the attractive temple Wat Chalong, making it ideal for people who want to enjoy a bit of sight seeing.

Paradise Beach Phuket

One place you may be intrigued to visit is Paradise Beach. For some people they might be nervous about visiting somewhere with that name and that it

Panwa Beach Phuket

Panwa Beach Phuket

will inevitably fail to live up to the name. As the name suggests it is a very beautiful place to visit. There is also the additional benefit that swimming is available all year round due to the reasonable sea conditions without too much change during the later months.

There are a number of Phuket beaches to visit. When staying it is important to remember to watch out for the red flags. If you see this you need to get

out of the water immediately. This will generally be in the later months. It is worth looking online for more information and feedback from travellers. There are also a number of listing sites where you can find travel packages to help you plan the ideal travel itinerary to explore the best beaches in Phuket and around the islands.

 Phuket Beach Resorts

And finally for those of you that love beaches then why not consider a Phuket beach resort where you can awake each morning to hear the crashing waves and feel the sun and salty breeze encompass you at breakfast. There are many amazing Phuket beach resorts for you to choose from and that can cater to everyones budget. For more information on Phuket beach resorts check below.

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