Thailand Travel Advice – An Overview of what Thailand has to Offer

Thailand Travel

This site is dedicated to those who may be considering travel to Thailand but are looking for more information prior to Booking, to seasoned Thailand Travel Adventurers who just keep coming back for more and it even caters to those of us who live here full time and love to explore new and interesting places. Unlike many Thailand Travel sites we actually live and work in Thailand and for the Last 10 years  have kept up to date on the Latest Thailand Travel advice and this site explores what this amazing country has to offer, and how you can get the best out of your time in the magical kingdom of Thailand.

Thailand is a country that means different things to different people. It can be a great place for people that want to explore somewhere fascinating and exotic. It is also somewhere for people who love to party, love food and a whole range of activities and sights to see,.

There are numerous islands to visit around Thailand. Each one offers different experiences depending on what you want. For example Phuket is known as one of the great places for party goers while those who enjoy somewhere quiet and relaxing generally enjoy the remoteness of Koh Kood.

One thing that is consistent with all parts of Thailand is the sights. Most people imagine a desert island to be somewhere of white beaches and crystal blue water. The good news is that the climate means the water remains warm throughout the year.

When to Visit Thailand

The peak time to visit Thailand is usually around January to April. This is the time in which the country has the best weather. However it is worth noting that this will often be more expensive. This is especially the case around Christmas and New Year’s Day as this is the time when hotel and travel package companies insist on obligatory meals and celebrations.

May to November is usually the rainy season. However it is worth noting that even during this time there are likely to be dry days and the temperature is likely to be more bearable than the hottest days of the year. There is also the further benefit that accommodation and travel packages are likely to be cheaper, sometimes even by as much as 50 per cent

Travel to Thailand For Anything and Everything

While sitting by the beach is often pleasing Thailand is also a great place for physical activities, medical tourism, adventure tours, diving, boating, clubbing, hiking, camping, fishing, golfing and so much more. Most islands will offer diving schools so that you can learn your PADI and look under the tropical warm waters and explore around coral reefs and other fascinating areas under the sea. Many people also come to the Muay Thai gyms where the exercise regime is particularly intense.

Thailand Travel Means Luxury For Less

Another thing that people travel to Thailand for is massage and spa treatments as well as beauty and hair services. Some places will be informal and offer a massage by the beach. A lot of

Thai Food

Delicious Thai Cuisine

hotels and resorts will also have their own treatments. Online reviews from fellow travellers will help you find the best ones, there are also some very good hair salons in Bangkok which offer big discounts on luxury services compared to Western prices.

Food also tends to be a massive attraction for people. Most areas will have their own seafood specialities. There are numerous restaurants that offer seafood. However Thailand is also famous for its street food, with a number of vendors selling food throughout the country, on road sides and near the beach. A lot of islands also offer cooking classes so that you can learn how to make the local cuisine yourself.

In short there are lots to see and explore around Thailand. There are numerous listing sites on where you can arrange specific travel packages or alternatively you can discuss possible options with your local travel agent. Use your regular search engine to find out more about this amazing country.

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