Where is Koh Chang? A Brief Guide to Koh Chang Travel

Ko Chang Beach

There are many fascinating places to visit in Thailand. Koh Chang is a fine example of what attracts people to this country. In this article we will look at where is Koh Chang and what things there are to see and do and why you may want to consider a Koh Chang Travel holiday.

So Where is Koh Chang Thailand?

For those that don’t know where is Ko Chang, it is an island about 4 hours drive South east from Bangkok and is one of the closest and largest islands in the central eastern region. Koh Chang island offers various interesting local environments and the island itself is quite big and also a Nature reserve. In the case of Koh Chang a good place to start is with a boating tour of the mangrove tidal canals. This gives you a good chance to get a close up view of this fascinating natural habitat. However if you prefer something a bit more active you may want to consider kayaking in the water as well!

For a more in depth Koh Chang tour you may want to try an island boat ride. One tour offers a half day exploring neighbouring Koh Whai. One of the benefits of this area is the shallow water, allowing you a closer look at the tropical fish and other marine life in the local area.

Another thing that Thailand is famous for is rejuvenation treatments. The term Thai massage is something that has become known worldwide as a technique to help people unwind after a stressful day. On a larger scale being in the country itself and getting the authentic experience can help get you the very best version of this particular treatment and help make your stay as relaxing as possible!

Hotels in Koh Chang

You can find a number of hotels in the local area that offer their own spa treatments. As with a lot of services it is sensible to use online feedback to compare the different hotels to see what kind of treatments they offer and what is best for your needs. Equally it is worth checking to compare the other facilities they have in order to gauge what is best suited for your stay.

For some people you may be travelling or crave a more authentic form of Koh Chang accommodation. Koh Chang island offers numerous smaller hotels and guest houses to fulfil that need. Many are very close to the beach, allowing you to enjoy fine sea views and enjoy the sun as soon as you get up, there are also some very nice resorts in koh Chang.

Another thing that people are often concerned about when they go travelling is where to eat. The good thing about Koh Chang travel is that you can visit a vast array of possible dining options. While you can choose from numerous types of food the speciality of the local area is unquestionably seafood, with many places particularly specialising in barbecued seafood. If you are not sure what you want some restaurants offer a sampler where you can taste various dishes to get the full Thai dining experience!

Getting around Koh Chang island is reasonably simple, with ferries and buses readily available (although it is advisable to check times for later services). It is also worth using your regular search engine to look for reviews and tips from other travellers. This will help you to plan your stay and get the most from your visit. So know you know where is Koh Chang and if you want a few days holiday its just a short bus ride from Bangkok.

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